Kalvig & Shorter Veterinary Associates | 212.644.1022 | 133 East 39th St 10016

Jerry enjoyed an amazing quality of life until he was 18 1/2 years of age, largely due to Dr Kalvig's detailed care and advice.

You cannot fake sincerity. Dr. Kalvig listens to every concern of mine regardless of how ignorant and repetitive it may be.

Our cat Wonka adores Dr. Kalvig! Dr. Kalvig has been caring for our cat for all of her seventeen years and I have known Dr. Kalvig for over 20 years, when my Miss Kitty was in her care.

Dr. Kalvig is thorough, pragmatic, and caring—deeply concerned with the well being of the animals in her care...

This is one veterinarian that is so "special" & I recommend her to anyone with a dog or cat who wants the best quality of life for their pet. They ALWAYS become "part of the family".